Sambalpuri Films- Are you looking for the Top 10 Best Sambalpuri Movies of All Time. films got many National awards. Sambalpuri Movies also got excellence ratings by many critics. Takes, for example, The best Sambalpuri Movies ''Bhukha'' (Sambalpuri Language) directed by Sabyasachi Mohapatra is the first film from Odisha to got an Internation Jury Award at The Gijon International Film Festivals. In this post, I am going to give you the best information about Sambalpuri Film Industry

Top 10 Best Sambalpuri Movies of All Time (Updated)

Top 10 Best Sambalpuri Films of All Time 2019

  1. Salaa Budha
  2. Aadim Bichar
  3. Bhukha
  4. Alar
  5. Chini
  6. Samiyar Khel
  7. Ulgulan
  8. Saha Mate Maa Samlei
  9. Munush
  10. Bhima

1- Salaa Budha Sambalpuri Film

Sala Budha (The Stupid old Man) Sambalpuri/Koasli Language based movies who won National Award in the year 2012. This Movie is Based on Loka Katha (Ancient Village Story), This story revolves around a small village of British Indian. Bhagavatam Gauntia (Sarpanch-Head of the Village) is the protagonist of this movie.

Salabudha Sambalpuri Flim

Directed by   - Sabyasachi Mohapatra
Produced by  - Chintu B. Mohapatra
Screenplay by- Sabyasachi Mohapatra
Story by     -    Kapileswar Prasad Mohapatra
Starring     -     Atal Bihari Panda Prithviraj Nayak
Music by   -     Pankaj Jaal
Cinematography    -     Aum Prakash Mohapatra
Edited by    -   Rajendra Mohapatra
Release date  - 2012
Running time - 90min
Country      -    India
Language   -    Odia
Budget            -         ₹40,000,00

The story of the Film (Salaa Budha)

The film, which based on how an elderly person of a town in the Subarnapur area, rested confidence in god-like, and in spite of abuse by the lord, he continued as before liberal individual. "While others in the town kept their hands crossed after dry spell lingered to a great extent, this elderly person continued rousing everyone. Notwithstanding when the lord removed his properties, he was unaffected.

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 He was a man of valor despite the fact that villagers called him Sala Budha," said Sabyasachi Mohapatra, the movie's Director. 

The story depends on a little town of British ruled time. In the mid-1930s, amid the British guidelines the little towns of India were as yet led by the rulers and the rulers were settling regulatory obligation to the British Government.

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The story rotated around a poor and little town of Odisha, India. Bhagatram Gauntia, the sarpanch (Village Head) of the town affectionately called Sala Budha (The Stupid Old Man) by the villagers is a genuine and kind individual and takes great consideration of his subjects.

 Because of the dry season, individuals of the town were not able to settle the regulatory expense for a long time, and being the town head Bhagatram Gauntia couldn't drive anybody to pay it because of his thoughtfulness.

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 As is the town head also couldn't cover the regulatory obligation to the lord and was living in a risk to lose his property and administration. He has a solid faith in God and he attempts his best to assist them with surviving from the dry spell and staying them together.

 He says god is never wrong and everything going to be fine. Meanwhile, a few villagers who didn't need him to stay as town head meet the ruler and incite against him. Therefore, the Lord chooses to visit the town and grab Bhagatram gauntia's territory, leadership(as the town head). The ruler visits the place and toward the finish of the film lord comes to know reality and commends him.

After 25 years, director Sabyasachi Mohapatra is back with Salabudha, another movie set on a rural background, and focuses on the plight of the aged people in villages in the western part of the state. The film is based on a novel by renowned author Kapilesh Prasad Mohapatra (his father).

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Speaking about his new venture, Mahapatra said that after Bhukha got international recognition, he always wanted to make another feature film in Sambalpuri. “I had made Bhukha in 1987 and it still remains the only feature film in Sambalpuri dialect. I feel honored that I am going to make the second one also. It is the story of Maharaja Biramitradaya Singhdeo and his peasants in the early 20th century when Singhdeo ruled the then Sonepur state,” said Mahapatra

2- Aadim Bichar (Ancient Justice) Sambalpuri Movie

Aadim Bichar or Ancient Justice is a Sambalpuri language-based movie which is released in 2014. Aadim Vichar is the sequel of Salaa Budha is based on the lives of a tribal people in Odisha or Kondha People. The protagonist of Aadim Vihar Sambalpuri movie is an 80 Years Kondha Old Man

Adim Bichar Aadim Vichar Film Wiki

"Like 'Sala Budha', the film 'Adim Vichar' is also based on a 100-year-old story penned by my father, Sahitya Akademi award winner Kapileshwar Prasad Mohapatra.

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 In this film, I wanted to showcase the simple and untainted life of the tribal people and how it becomes complicated once they came in contact with educated people.

 The film shows that despite difficulties in life, the old man does not lose his cool and sticks to his principles," Mohapatra said. "The message is that senior citizens are storehouses of knowledge and our traditional value system."  (Source- Times of India)

3- Bhukha Sambalpuri Movie 

Bhukha (A hungry Man) is a Sambalpuri Language-based movies released in 1989 under the direction of Sabyasachi Mohapatra. This film portrays the plight of 'Ganda' tribes of Odisha called ''Bajnia'' who are traditionally drummers by profession the negative impact of cultural dominance by the dominant class of people.

Bhukha Sambalpuri Movie is Written By Mangalu Charan Biswal and Misuc by Ramesh Kumar Mahananda. For More Refer to Website

This movie has showcased the music, culture, and tradition of the region. Heart touching matter shown in this movie is how the rich people in the society exploit the poor.

Bhukha Sambalpuri Film Cast

  1. Sarat Pujari
  2. Sadhu Meher
  3. Bijaya Pujhari
  4. Swati Roy
  5. Chita Pattnaik
  6. Mantu Mahapatra
  7. Narahari Patel
  8. Jagadananda Chhuria
  9. Netrananda Barik

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3- Alar Sambalpuri Movies 

Alar also one of the finest Sambalpuri movies of all time. This story based on a fictional character called 'Alar'.


  • Nabagat
  • Shyam Kumar
  • Soumaya
  • Dimpal
  • Prithibraj Nayak
  • Bibhuti Padhi
Child Artist
  • Debesh Nayak
  • Mana Ranjan Nayak
  • Jatindra Padhan
  • Ratan Pujhari
  • Dr Nirmal Nayak
  • Kali Charan Panigrahi
  • Litu Mohanty

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