Hirakhand FM Radio Station- Are you looking for Sambalpur FM Radio Station live then you are in the right place I will provide you all information regarding Hirakhand FM Radio Station Sambalpur.  Sambalpur FM Radio Station inaugurated by Samarth Verma(Sambalpur Collector).

Hirakhand FM Radio Station {Sambalpur FM Radio Station) Frequency 90.8

What is Hirakhand FM Radio Station Number or Frequency?

- Visit: 90.8

Sambalpur Radio Station Frequency


Hirakhand-Sambalpur radio station live

An intentional association as of late propelled a network radio station named Hirakhand in the region. The FM radio can be turned on 90.8 channel and it will work from 7am to 10am and 6pm to 9pm. 

Introducing the radio station as the central visitor, Sambalpur gatherer Samarth Verma publicized the main message to the general population of the area. 

He stated: "It will be less demanding for the organization to convey notices about government formative projects to individuals. It will extremely be useful during the season of characteristic cataclysm. This will connect the correspondence hole between the general population and government." 

Executive of the radio station Bikash Mohapatra said 60 for every penny projects would be broadcast in nearby Sambalpuri dialect taking into account the need of the general population keeping their way of life, legacy, dialect, and issues at the top of the priority list. Exceptional projects will be led for the agriculturists, Mohapatra said. 

Sishir Kumar Das, executive of the Odisha Community radio station, a private association, said individuals were intrigued to tune in to radio and the general request of the medium has not declined.

Hirakhand FM Radio Programme or Time Table Details 

  • Time Table; 7 to 10 and 6 to 9 PM
  • Local Programme- Language Sambalpuri/Kosli
  • Coverage- Western Odisha
  • Frequency- 90.8

First Official Photo of Hirakhand FM Radio Station Studio

Hirakhand FM Radio Station {Sambalpur FM Radio Station) Frequency 90.8

Who is the first RJ at Hirakhand-Sambalpur FM Radio Station?

  1. Gunaranjan Salima
  2. Bighnanasini Samantray
  3. Pradeep Panigrahy
  4. Lalit Mohan Ji 

Hirakhand FM Radio Station {Sambalpur FM Radio Station) Frequency 90.8

All Indian Radio Sambalpur Station 

Appointed on 26th May 1963, All India Radio, Sambalpur stretched out the support of the general population of a western piece of Odisha as a helper focus, drawing its majority programs from AIR, Cuttack.

 Initially, it was taking into account the rustic audience members with an accentuation on the Intensive Agricultural Development Program (IADP). 

In a staged way, it began broadcasting projects of data and excitement for Farm and Home, Youth, Education B'cast, Industrial and general crowd fit as a fiddle of Sambalpuri music, Radio Plays an extraordinary gathering of people projects of composite nature. 

Hirakhand Radio Station
Hirakhand Radio Station

Initially, this station transmitted and furthermore recorded a few projects from its transmitting focus situated at Maneswar, 10 Kms. far from Sambalpur town. The lasting kind I Studios alongside the workplace complex was appointed on 21st Sept. 1984. 

The transmitting limit of the station was before 20 KW MW which was enlarged to 100 KW and has begun working since 1998. In the year 2003, the Hard-Disk recording office was soaked up to its studios. PCs with the server in all the studios were connected through the LAN framework. 

The digitization of studio set up helps in sparing space, making work speedier, adding quality to programs, sparing of time, and for the dispatch of the program through ISDN to sister stations. 

The 5 KW FM Transmitter implied for the Primary Channel of the station was appointed on 23rd November 2015 to encourage individuals to tune in to FM @ 101 MHz. furthermore, tune in to a variegated project being transmitted every day. 

The FM Transmitter was committed to the Nation by Dr.P.K.Mishra, Addl. Important Secretary, Prime Minister's Office in the august nearness of Shri Suresh Chandra Panda, Member(Personnel), Prasar Bharati in a sparkling capacity held at Dr.Radhanath Rath Community Center, Modipara, Sambalpur. 

Adding another quill to its top, the introduction of the start of territorial news in Sambalpuri from the Regional News Unit of this station was hung on 23rd January 2016 by Shri Pradeep Kumar Pujari, Secretary, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India in the august nearness of Shri Sitanshu Kar, Director General(News), News Services Division and Shri N.P.Joshi, Director(Administration), DG, AIR.

List of Radio Station in Sambalpur Western Odisha 

  1. Akashvani Sambalpur 

Address of Hirakhand- Sambalpur FM Radio Station 


All India Radio Sambalpur 
AIR Sambalpur / Akashvani Sambalpur
Frequency: 945 kHz
Address: PB 3, Kachery Road
Sambalpur, PIN 768001, Odisha
Tel: +91 663 2410841-4Fax: +91 663 2410507
E-mail: seairsbp@sancharnet.in

Name of the Station

All India Radio, Sambalpur
Date of Commissioning

No. of Transmitters

100KW HMB-140  0ne no.
Location of Transmitter

Maneswar, 10 KM from Sambalpur
Frequency of Transmissions

945 KHZ
Transmission timings & duration
05.00- 10.05,1200-15.30 & 17.00-23.05
i)   TR-  I   5.55 AM to 10.05 AM
4 hrs.10 mts.
ii)  TR-II  12.30 PM to 3.30 PM
3 hrs.
iii) TR-III  5.00 PM to 11.05 PM
6 hrs. 05 mts.
Programme Origination

9 hrs. 36 mt. daily
Relayed of program & News

3 hrs. 39 mts.
Languages in which programs are broadcast
Odia, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Sambalpuri, Kisan, Khadia, Mundari, Bagta, Oram
A composition of originated programmes
In different formats of Music, Drama, Feature, Talk, Interview, OB based programme & variety programmes.
Number of Studios
Type-I Studio Music, Talk, ROR, Dubbing Room, PB Studio
The area covered
Sambalpur, Sundargarh, Balangir, Bargarh, Jharsuguda, Deogarh, Sonepur, Boudh  & Athmallik

Program zone covered by the station

85,564 Sq. Km.
Population covered

73,89,807 (Approximately)
Sanctioned strength (in all cadres)

Library facilities

a)    Discs

b) CDs (Film & Non-film)

c) CDs(In-house productions)

d) Tapes
9048 – 7”
1177 – 6”
e) Books

Participation of Public

i) No. of Music Artists on Station’s Register
ii) No. of Drama Artists on Station’s Register
iii) No. of Casual Announcers
07 – Announcers
18 - Comperes
E-mail Id of the Station
Complete Address of the Station with PIN Code
AIR, P.B. No. 3, Kuchery road Sambalpur- 768001 (Odisha)
Telephone No.
Fax No.
STD- 0663
2410507, 2410571
SD- 2410507, 2400896
SE- 2410571, 2402438

Hirakhand FM Radio Station {Sambalpur FM Radio Station) Frequency 90.8

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