Dule raper top song and success story 

Dule Rapper: Dule is a different singer from Odisha. He sings rap songs. He first uploaded his rap song on YouTube to give people a taste of his song. He is a resident of Kalahandi, Odisha.

Success Story Of Dule Rapper

Dule Rapper's real name is Duleswar Thandi. He composes songs and uploads them to YouTube. The Gita is made up of justice, injustice, truth, and falsehood. Bollywood singer Bishwal Dadalani has recognized the art of Oriya rappers like gold, gold, and silver. According to Bishwal Dadalani, Bollywood's Dule Rapper will get a chance.

 Among his super hit songs 

  1. Sun Sarakar Sata katha
  2. Kranti The Revelation 
  3. OneWorld love to all serve to all
  4. Sur beer tera khun , khud teri rahat bun
  5. Aaya election to ghar ghar jayenge , jhuti kasme jhuti baade sabko dikhayenge 
  6. Andheri rat bhuk a6e petne, kansa petal bandha hoi6e Sethane
  7. Tumhe aata hai lutna, tumhe aata hai bas rutana, system e khokla 
  8. Har doctor ko selut Ho