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Odia Kirtan is one of the traditional and oldest ways of celebrating mythical God Srikrishna. People observed by singing ''Here Rama Here Krishna'' in order to show their respect and love for the load.

Here is the list
  1. Hare Krushna Hare Rama
  2. Mora Krushna
  3. Om Kara
  4. Mo Prabhu Jaganatha
  5. Suni Ja Re Mor Radha
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It's like Odia Kirtan; Sambalpuri kirtan also one of the leading elements that adds to the old tradition of Odisha. People are affectionately indulging in the celebration of Lord Krishna by chanting various Mantra like ''Hare Krushna Hare Rama''.

I have grown up listening and watching Kirtan in my villages. I used to go to experience the Sambalpuri Kirtan in the temple. 

It is celebrated in most of the villages in Odisha. Every year this festival is celebrate across Odisha. 

Odia Kirtan Song

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  1. Old Sambalpuri Kirtan Song Mp3
  2. Puruna Sambalpuri Kirtan Song Mp3 Download
  3. Classic Sambalpuri Kirtan Song Mp3
  4. A to Z Sambalpuri Kirtan Song List

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