Jogesh Jojo Sambalpuri- Are you wondering about Jogesh Jojo Sambalpuri song? What is the latest Sambalpuri song of Jogesh Jojo? Which is the super hit song of Jogesh Jojo? Is Jogesh Jojo a singer? You will get all the answer related to these quarries. 

Jogesh Jojo is a versatile actor and singer. He has produced more than 20 Sambalpuri songs till now. As we know Jogesh Jojo is a Sambalpuri comedian but now he is trying his luck in Sambalpuri music industry. So here are some of the notable works of Jogesh Jojo.

  1. A Gupala 
  2. Tatala Chahhaa
  3. Kale Kale Chumi Demi
  4. Tui Mor Heroin
  5. Mui Jogesh Jojo Tingalu
  6. Market Khaila
  7. Nua Bandhar Pani
  8. Bes Bes Hela J
  9. Baby Kiss Me
  10. Love Gear
  11. Topic Change Kara
Jogesh Jojo New Sambalpuri Song Download

Jogesh Jojo Sambalpuri Song Download