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Lilacs Waxahatchee Lyrics Meaning

I wake up feeling nothing
Camouflage the wavering sky
I sit at my piano, wander the wild whereby
And the lilacs drank the water

And the lilacs die
And the lilacs drank the water
Marking in the slow, slow, slow passing of time
I get so angry, baby
At something you might say
I dream about an awful stranger

Work my way through the day
I run it like a silent movie
I run it like a violent song
I run it like a voice compelling

So right it can't be wrong
If I'm a broken record
Write it in the dust, babe
I'll fill myself back up like I used to do

And if my bones are made of delicate sugar
I won't end up anywhere good without you
I need your love too
When I live a sparse existence

I'll drop down in the fold
Lean in to an urgent falter
Spin silence into gold
I run it like…

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Lilacs Waxahatchee Lyrics Meaning